Health benefits of papaya seeds

October 10, 2016 worldofhealthytips 49

With papaya’s sweet taste, soft-butter-like uniformity, and musky undertones, there is no doubt why Christopher Columbus used to describe it as the fruit of angels. The fruit contains a high nutritional value as it has […]

Can we prevent aging?

September 26, 2016 worldofhealthytips 0

People are living longer. Back in 1970, the average life expectancy at birth in the US was only 70.8 years; about forty years later in 2008, life expectancy at birth was 78 years; and by […]

Diet and weight loss

July 14, 2016 worldofhealthytips 0

What is the relationship between diet and weight loss? Well, there are way much more connections between the two that you probably did not know about. If you are aspiring to lose weight, then it […]

5 types of healthy drinks

July 13, 2016 worldofhealthytips 0

There are a number of drinks having tremendous health benefits since they are packed with nutrients that help combat disease. Therefore, when you think of healthy drinks it’s not only water that should come to […]

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