How the dairy industry tricked you into buying milk that gives you cancer

Milk from dairy cows is marketed as healthy and safe, and many people would be horrified at the thought of giving their child raw unpasteurized milk.

However, standard dairy milk has been shown to actually be more harmful to your health than raw milk, new studies are suggesting.

Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO’S) are where dairy cows are fed an abnormal diet, on an industrial scale, which produces an abnormal reaction in the milk resulting in an inferior nutritional profile. This is passed on into the milk and can be harmful when drunk by humans. Plus the pasteurization process kills many valuable nutrients and minerals that have benefits for digestion and your immune system.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified raw milk as being responsible for illnesses and deaths associated with foods, but there are zero deaths linked to raw milk in the US if you actually look at the data.

Although last year the Blue Bell Creamery poisoned 10 people with listeria, and three died as a result.

What’s been happening is that they have been showing up in Katy with the sheriff’s deputies and in Austin they showed up with the police,’ said Judith McGeary, executive director of Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. ‘This isn’t how food inspections are handled typically. It is very out of line.’

CAFOs are also known to promote antibiotic-resistant disease which is thought to kill 23,000 Americans every year. This is due to the amount of antibiotics we unsuspectingly drink every time we take a sip of cows milk as the cows have been pumped with the drug.

The problem of fertilizers used on dairy crops is also a huge problem. We keep finding toxic pesticides in our food, and through dairy cows is one of the main avenues. In a 10 year period, farmers have doubled the amount of herbicides they use. In Vermont in 2002 they used 1.54 lbs per acre, in 2012 they used 3.01 lbs per acre.

You can sense how scared the authorities are of letting things happen that they have no authority over. They claim that raw milk is dangerous, but the facts say otherwise.


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