Are you suffering from a stiff neck?

The video you are about to watch below, does a great job of not only explaining the mechanism of how stiff necks occur, but several great stretches and ways of pushing on trigger points on your own, that will greatly alleviate a stiff neck within 90 seconds!

It was actually fascinating to hear that what causes the pain is actually a shortening of the muscle, when we are unaware that we have contorted our neck in an unnatural way, while awake or asleep. When the muscle shortens it aggravates the nerve which makes it very painful to turn the neck.

What is great about his demonstration is that he demonstrates how to target the exact place where the muscle has contracted, and how by turning the neck and using the opposite hand it can be released. Cross fiber massage, placing knuckles into the muscle and several different stretches are easy to follow.

This tutorial will give you the ability to fix your stiff neck on your own, by stimulating nerves that will signal your brain to reset the shortened muscle. This was one of the most helpful videos we have seen on alleviating your own pain naturally and quickly.


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5 Comments on Are you suffering from a stiff neck?

  1. hey..very helpful information..have been suffering form this problem since the past 3 months…didn’t have the slightest idea what causes this pain..i gave the treatment to myself following the video..i think it works..gonna repeat it…thanks !!

  2. Good topic!
    Stiff neck is a sudden problem suffered by everyone.
    But we not be able to do anything!
    So Now with this video, no more problem we could handle ourself 🙂
    thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a very nice article. It is very helpful to how to fix the neck problem yourself. Actually, I had the neck problem and I was looking this type of article on the internet and I found this article, after reading this full article and watching the video I fix my neck problem myself. Thanks so much for publishing this type of article.

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