Papaya leaf juice to treat dengue fever in 48 hours

Dengue has grown rampant in some parts of the world, and the word itself sends shivers down people’s spines. It’s no wonder as it’s a dangerous ailment spread by specific mosquitoes, where the condition may even end up fatal in some cases.

However not many know there is a simple and effective cure for dengue in the form of a papaya leaf. Read on to learn how you can cure dengue just by drinking papaya juice.

How does papaya leaf offer a dengue remedy?

This is because papaya leaves have powerful enzymes like chymopapin and papain which increases the blood platelet count. They also have important vitamins, calcium, iron, protein and phosphorus.

Papaya juice remedy for dengue

The most important aspect of using papaya juice for treating dengue fever is that only raw leaves work with the following steps:

You just need 2 raw papaya leaves to make the juice. Remove the stems and fibrous parts of the leaf, squeeze out the juice from the leaves and directly drink the juice. Repeat two more times in the day for marked improvement.

Papaya leaf paste for curing dengue

Papaya leaf paste also helps cure dengue fever when made using raw leaves. Take 3 fresh, raw papaya leaves and make a paste in the mixer. Then mix it well with 2 tbsp. of your preferred fruit juice and consume. Repeat another 2 times in the day, and for a week for total relief from dengue.

Case studies

There is nothing more convincing for simple home remedies than people’s actual experiences. Here are two such experiences as per a leading Indian doctor’s narrations.

A gentleman’s son who was hospitalized with dengue fever had his blood platelet count drop to 15,000 with the fever! Even 15 litres of blood transfusion didn’t help and the boy ended up in serious condition.

It was on his friends’ advice that the gentleman gave his son raw papaya leaf juice, and to the amazement of medical personnel, the platelet count increased to 135,000 within 24 hours’ time! The boy was thus declared cured of dengue and could return home!

Another lady in her early thirties was hospitalized after developing dengue where her condition worsened after 3 days. Her blood platelet count had dropped to 28,000 and her lungs started filling with water, to which doctors declared that her immune system had to fight back the infection on its own.

The patient’s relative started giving raw papaya leaf juice to her and within 24 hours’ time, her platelet count increased while fever reduced. She thus recovered after taking the juice treatment continuously for 3 days.

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  1. Have heard about papaya leaf of it’s great contain of enzymes like chymopapin and papain and getting cured of various illness by it but curing of dengue by papaya leaf is a new to me and really a great info in general.thanks for sharing.

  2. Its amazing to know that you can get treated with a simple thing which you can pick easily from the home yard. Very helpful information specially for the dengue patients of developing countries.

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