How we can prevent ourselves and our community from Cancer

Health and fitness has a direct relationship with diet. As they say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Similarly if one takes care of his / her diet and does not consume the harmful beverages such as alcohol, cold drinks, energy drinks and other artificial flavored drinks, processed and fast food & high quantity of red meat, he / she can prevent him/herself from many diseases. Health & fitness is also directly linked with the physical activity such as walking, jogging, exercises, swimming etc.

Unhealthy lifestyle and diet leads to several harmful diseases such as cancer, diabetes, blood pressure etc. In this article, our main focus will be how we can prevent ourselves and our community from Cancer by adopting a healthy lifestyle. A research conducted by Cancer Research UK claims that 4 out of 10 Cancer cases in UK could have been prevented by adopting healthy lifestyles [1]. According to this research, smoking is considered as the major cause of Cancer while Obesity is ranked second in causing Cancer. Therefore, refraining from smoking and avoiding foods causing Obesity can prevent us from Cancer. A healthy diet, a physically active lifestyle and refraining from Alcohol also play important role in preventing from Cancer. Similarly prevention from Ultraviolet radiations by avoiding contact of direct sunlight with the skin can help prevent from skin cancer.

Consuming more & more green food such as vegetables, fruit & salads, and beans with plenty of fibers & whole grain foods can help prevent from Cancer. If you cannot leave meat completely, try to swap red meat with white meat such as fish and chicken. In addition, try to cook meat at lower temperatures as meat cooked at higher temperatures produces chemicals which can cause cancer. Eating mixed nuts and use of extra virgin olive oil can help reduce the risks of breast cancer in women. As a general rule of thumb, including physical activity of 30 minutes in your daily routine will not only keeps you fit but will also help reduce the risks of having Cancer.


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