How to make recipes healthy

It is a common myth that food that tastes good is not healthy and vice versa. Elaborate recipes with copious amounts of butter, sugar, fats, spices and other high-calorie ingredients are often considered better as compared to simple healthy recipes. It is important to understand that food is for providing nutrition to the body and our meals should add to our health and not damage it. This does not mean that one needs to eat salads all the time. Simple tweaks to the original recipes improve the health quotient of the dish and do not alter the taste drastically.
The first step to improving the health quotient of meals is to identify the harmful ingredients which are in the recipes. Butter, cream, oil, sugar, salt, refined flour and spices are the main culprits behind the calories and unhealthy nature of the dishes. Substitution is the best method to achieve this goal. Adding raw cane sugar instead of processed sugar adds sweetness to this dish without adding on calories. It is also good for digestion. Using whole wheat flour for making bread and cakes add a unique texture to the dish in addition to increasing the nutrition level of the recipe. Meat dishes can have less of meat and more of other good ingredients like vegetables. Vegetables add the essential vitamins and minerals to the food. Eliminating some ingredients which add empty calories to the food is a good step towards cooking healthier. Adding healthy nutritious soups to your meal is a great option for adding fiber to the diet.
Another important method of ensuring healthy dishes is using fresh ingredients. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices can replace the regular tea and coffee. This increases the liquid intake of the body and provides immunity boosting nutrients. A healthy body is the greatest asset a person has and it should be taken care of by eating good healthy meals at regular intervals.

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