Types of allergies and their treatments

Allergies affect 40% of the people worldwide. It is when your immune system reacts to an allergen may it be dust, foods etc. There are different forms of allergies, e.g food allergy, dust allergy, pet allergies etc. Fortunately they are preventable; take for example Asthma, you can prevent yourself from getting it by avoiding certain allergens and also by using an inhaler.
Its advisable also to identify allergies when your child is still at a younger age so as to prevent it from getting worse. The foods most associated with allergies in children are milk, peanuts and eggs. Symptoms for this kind of allergy is vomiting, hives, shortness of breath, wheezing just to mention a few. In children it can get very serious since their immune is not yet strong and able to fight off diseases which is why it is advisable to visit your hospital immediately your child starts having the symptoms. In adults, the most common allergen is fruits,vegetables, fish etc.
The allergy can also be prevented by having the medication needed. For instance a protein allergy or rather a food allergy will need an epinephrine auto-injector which doctors advise one should always carry and use it immediately you start having symptoms.
Since the allergies can occur when children are in school or trips, parents are advised to always have an emergency plan and also alert the teachers so they know how to go about it.
Researchers advise parents to breastfeed exclusively for as long as possible since this is one of the ways of avoiding allergies at a young age and also introduction of solid foods to be avoided until the child is older e.g six months to one year.
After knowing what kind of allergy you have, it will be easier to treat it and prevent it from getting alot worse.

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