Can we prevent aging?

People are living longer. Back in 1970, the average life expectancy at birth in the US was only 70.8 years; about forty years later in 2008, life expectancy at birth was 78 years; and by 2020 it is projected to be 79.5 years. Views of aging are also radically changing. Disability and disease were previously considered an integral part of aging, but that is no longer the case. Though aging might put us at a greater risk of disease, many older adults are still living active and healthy lives as they advance in their years.

Many studies have been conducted on how to increase the active life expectancy, a time in late life that is free from disease. Some of the insights towards preventing aging include;

Antioxidants laden foods
Antioxidants serve to protect the body from the harmful effects brought about by free radicals made when the body converts oxygen and food into energy. Adding antioxidants into the diet could help people live longer. Though the effectiveness of dietary antioxidant supplementation remains controversial, there is a positive evidence for the health benefits arising from antioxidants.

Calorie restriction
A diet that is lower in calories is likely to include all the needed nutrients. Research has indicated that up to 40% fewer calories than normal have a positive impact on markers of aging, disease and lifespan. Calories restriction moreover reduces the incidence of diseases such as cancer.

Administration of hormones
Hormones set in motion different body processes that keep our bodies working in the right way. Most of the hormones produced by our bodies however decline as we age. Administration off hormones such as testosterone for men and estrogen for women can help both men and women age better as they reduce the risks for endometrial problems and heart disease.

In conclusion, eating healthily and engaging in physical exercises is the best way to ensure that our bodies remain active and healthy for a longer period of time.

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