The Aton Brown weight loss diet

It is beyond doubt that chef Alton Brown is not a stranger to food. Having known that most diseases and conditions are caused by weight gain and poor eating habits, the widely acclaimed nutrition guru has come up with an excellent mode of dieting that will not only keep you healthy but also free of any unwanted additional pounds. As far as kitchen matters are concerned, the chef is a globally respected authority. This is the reason why when it comes to losing weight, he has recommended a number of foods to be consumed at different regularities and that help the consumers keep healthy and lose weight in a tremendous way. Brown’s weight loss recommendations have been tested by millions of people world-wide and the results are more than satisfying.

As such, this article examines the weightless foods that are recommended by this nutrition maverick. The article is going to highlight such foods on the grounds of the regularity at which he recommends they be consumed. Keep reading to discover how to avoid common diseases and conditions by just eating right.

To begin with, there are foods that the Alton Brown diet principles recommend you consume in daily basis in your endeavor to lose weight. These foods include nuts, dark leafy greens, green tea, carrots, fruits, whole grains, among others. According to Alton Brown, these foods should form your daily diet. According to Alton Brown diet, whole grains are greatly rich in fiber and they are bound to keep you full for a long period of time. Moreover, the fiber will keep your cholesterol constantly in check and thus lower chances of heart disease. Fruits, on the other hand contain antioxidants and resveratrol that is going to help you in boosting longevity. He recommends that nuts are rich in protein. Eating them a couple of minutes before a major meal is a good tip on curbing overeating that may result in increased weight.

The second category of foods that Alton brown diet recommends one to eat three times every week include broccoli, cauliflower, avocado, tofu, oily fish, sweet potato, among others. The undeniable fact that these foods keep many diseases and conditions needs not to be overemphasized. Alton Brown holds that these foods are vitally essential to our bodies so long as they are consumed in moderation. For instance, he contends that sardines are very rich in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids which are very essential for our health so long as they are consumed in moderation (three times per week). The omega 3 fatty acids are very instrumental in promoting proper function of the human heart. The tiny bones that sardines contain are very crucial in maintaining the proper amount of calcium in the body. On the other hand, he holds that tofu provides a low-calorie type of meat that has more proteins than ground beef. Further broccoli and cauliflower are cruciferous vegetables that have endeared themselves to millions of consumers due to their ability to fight cancer.

Alton Brown diet further provides foods that ought to be consumed one time every week. Such foods include red meat, white starch, alcohol, desserts, among others. In his own words, these are foods that one is supposed to consume “every once in a while”. According to him, these foods can breed heath problems if they are consumed more frequently than once in a week. For instance, he accepts that alcohol consumption is not good but a drink every Saturday does no harm.

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