Eyebrow embroidery

Among the host of already known beauty treatments, eye embroidery is now the most happening thing happening around you. Now, you must wonder what eye-embroidery is as you have heard about eyebrow shaping or threading only.

What is eye embroidery?

Eyebrow threading is impasse; eye embroidery will give your face a more glowing, sophisticated look by giving you a perfect set of sculpted and wonderful brows, which will enhance your look to perfection. It is a completely painless task and will be done matching your facial structure. It makes your brows and face completely clean and tidy from everywhere, giving you a sophisticated look. An eyebrow gives you a fresh look no doubt, but it doesn’t really accentuate your look the way you want. But with eye embroidery, you can get the look you cherished for so long. As a result, among the party circles and in a number of parlours and salons, eye embroidery has become a must-needed factor.

A number of beauty salon has grown up to cash upon the bright future of the beauty and cosmetics indulging in eye embroidery. The beauticians are trained to complete your eyebrow embroidery within 1 hr and their session is comfortable and painless. Now, black, grey and natural brown shades are available alongside the normal tone, among which the clients are to choose a colour according to their skin tone. The session lasts for one hour with not a lot of money to spend on it.


Off late, a number of fashion magazines have written some good reviews for the eyebrow embroidery. They feature articles on renowned celebrities flocking to these parlours for regularly doing eye embroidery. Large cosmetic brands like L’Oreal, P&G, Lakme, Estee Lauder and LVMH Fragrance & Cosmetics have opened their shops all across the globe and have corroborated with renowned parlours to partner with the eye embroidery techniques.

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