Risk factors and managing the cancer burden

Mention of cancer is a scare to many and we all have our optimistic tendencies. Data shows that we hugely underestimate the likelihood of succumbing to cancer. Despite the growing cases of cancer, the issue has not been addressed with the magnitude it deserves. Many people continue to die out of cancer.

World Health Organization shows a staggering number of death resulting from cancer cases with over 10 million people dead last year alone. These deaths resulted from cancer of the lung, liver, stomach and breast with lung and liver causing the highest percentage of deaths in that order.

The transformation of that single normal cell to a tumour cell to a lethal cancer indicate that the wisdom popularly passed by doctors for frequent medical check-up can come in handy. Perhaps, we should be more vigilance with our health.

Risk factors
There are a number of reasons why cancer cases has increased globally and at an alarming rate:-

Physical inactivity and changing lifestyles: since the creation, the nature of human beings is to work. With the advancement in technology and changing lifestyles, a big percentage of the society engage in body unfriendly activities such as poor feeding habits and lack of exercise which has turned to be the cause of cancer.

Tobacco and Alcohol use: ingredients making tobacco and alcohol are detrimental to human health. Most of these ingredient consist of cancerous elements such as mercury, nicotine and lead.

Environmental pollution: contamination of drinking water, food and air has been aggravated cases of cancer globally. For instance, the case of Michigan lead poisoning is estimated to elevate cases of cancer.

Managing the cancer burden

The cases of cancer can be stemmed by knowing the causes of cancer and laying intervention measures. This calls for evidence based strategies that can be used to enhance early cancer detection and engage prevention measures to patients with cancer. Risk factors such as alcohol and tobacco use, poor lifestyle and changing environmental conditions should be addressed to reverse otherwise a growing worrying trend.

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