Effects of heavy drinking to your body

Since time in memorial, humans have been drinking alcohol in occasions or at home with friends. It is okay to enjoy a drink, but drinking heavily over a long period of time can have detrimental effects to the body. Alcohol misuse is one of the main causes of severe health complications in the modern times. This article seeks to cover on the effects of alcohol on your body.

Recent research shows that binge drinking is a number one contributor to brain damage. Binge drinking causes memory loss, blackouts and anxiety. Long-term drinking is known to contribute to permanent brain damage. It causes serious mental health issues. Immediate effects are reported on young people since their brain is still developing. These effects are more likely realized during their teen years. Alcohol affects parts of the brain. This affects individual’s behavior and their ability to learn and remember things.

Too much intake of alcohol interferes with the lungs. Heavy drinkers suffer from liver infections. They are more susceptible to acquiring diseases such as pneumonia due to collapsed lungs. Some people have died as a result of vomiting after taking too much alcohol. This happens because they get choked if the vomit gets sucked into the lungs.

Another health complication brought by binge drinking is cancers. Researchers in Kenya found alcohol intake as the second biggest risk factor for throat and mouth cancers. (Smoking takes the lead). Liver cancer develops from cirrhosis of the liver. This is caused by too much intake of alcohol over a longer period of time.

Alcohol intake can cause adverse effects to other body organs. The pancreas, kidneys and intestines are highly affected. Doctors believe that prolonged alcohol intake causes inflammation of the pancreas. This is so painful and leads to fever, vomiting and weight loss. Binge drinking can lead to the risk of developing high blood pressure. This is a leading cause of chronic kidney disease in the modern times. Too much drinking leads to development of chronic ulcers or cancer of the colon. The condition may worsen and later affects your body’s ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients.

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