5 types of healthy drinks

There are a number of drinks having tremendous health benefits since they are packed with nutrients that help combat disease. Therefore, when you think of healthy drinks it’s not only water that should come to your mind. The following are some 5 drinks to keep you healthy:

Green Tea

The health benefits of green tea include helping reduce risk of heart disease, cancer, cavities and osteoporosis. It has a rich concentration of polyphenols and flavonoids, natural antioxidants which may protect cells from cancer-causing substances called carcinogens and inhibit tumor growth through helping in neutralizing free radicals in your body among others.

Mint Tea

It benefits include easing cramps and helping ward off indigestion. Mint tea is an antispasmodic; therefore it may relax muscles that combat aches and stiffness.

1% Reduced Fat-Milk

It controls cravings as well as helps protect against osteoporosis. Since it contains the components of a healthy meal-a little fat, protein, carbohydrates-it is absorbed and stays full longer. Also it stabilizes blood sugar; therefore you are less prone to cravings. Milk also is the ideal source of calcium, since it contains vitamin D that’s required for optimal calcium absorption. Also it may help the body stop storing fat.

Hot Chocolate

The benefits of hot chocolate include improving mood and it can also help in protecting against heart disease. It enhances neurotransmitter serotonin production. This is responsible for regulating your mood (low serotonin levels have been linked to depression). Cocoa is rich also in polyphenols, which is plant-derived antioxidant that may protect your cells against oxidative damage.

Cranberry Juice

This is among the healthy drinks preventing gum disease. A study shows that similar antibacterial properties found in cranberry juice which combat urinary tract infections also might protect against periodontal disease. Majority of nutritionists are cautious of fruit juices due to their sugar content, therefore you should limit your intake to not more than one glass daily. This type of juice may be found in some supermarkets and health-food stores.

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