Top 6 foods that fight cancer

If you are looking for alternative methods to help fight off the chances of you getting cancer, the answer is closer than you think. It’s in your fridge!

Dr Richard Beliveau, lead researcher in the prevention of cancer at the University of Quebec, and author of ‘Foods To Fight Cancer’ says that almost all of the relevant studies on nutrition and cancer reveal that a plant-based diet rich in phytonutrients is the key to keeping cancer at bay.

Whilst you should be aiming for five or more servings of all different types of vegetables and fruits, there are six super foods in particular that are miracle workers when it comes to reducing the risk of cancer.

  1. Broccoli – This veggie contains huge amounts of a compound called sulforaphane which helps your body break down toxins and flush out cancer causing chemicals.
  2. Black raspberries – Not to be confused with blackberries, these dark raspberries have high levels of anthocyanins which help to slow down the growth of pre-cancerous cells.
  3. Tomatoes – These juicy red fruits are often mistakenly called a vegetable, but they are certainly a fruit. They are without doubt the best source of dietary lycopene which studies have shown may help to inhibit the growth of cells in endometrial cancer.
  4. Walnuts – Packed full of nutrients walnuts also come with lots of phytosterols, these amazing molecules actually help to block estrogen receptors in the tissue of people suffering from breast cancer.
  5. Garlic – Not just a tasty addition to your dinner, garlic contains sulfur compounds that can not only stop cancer cells from reproducing, but in some studies it has been shown to actually kill the cancer cells. Powerful stuff.
  6. Beans – Almost all kinds of dry beans and legumes are good for you, but did you know that they have been shown to cut the risk of many different types of cancer in HALF? They contain two magic compounds called inositol hexaphosphate and inositol pentakisphosphate which have been found to have the ability to stop the growth of cancerous tissue all by themselves.

So there you have it, six delicious superhero foods that will not only transform your cooking, but may also even save your life.

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