Three tips for a healthy heart

Along with your brain your heart is undoubtedly one of the most important organs in your body. Without it nothing else can survive, so keeping your heart healthy is really important.
Whilst there are many factors that can contribute to heart disease, there are also many things you can actively do to reduce your risk.
Here are our top three tips for keeping your heart happy and healthy:

  1. Quit smoking
    If you are a smoker this is by far the biggest and most beneficial thing you can do to help your heart stay healthy. Being a smoker DOUBLES your risk of having a heart attack! The nasty chemicals in tobacco smoke put heavy strain on your heart and cause a build up of fatty deposits in your arteries. Just days after quitting smoking you will physically feel the benefit of it, and within just one year your chances of getting heart disease will have halved.
  2. Eat Well
    Reducing your intake of saturated fats, salt and sugar and also boosting your intake of fiber, can be a huge help in maintaining heart health. Load your plate with heart loving veggies and make sure to add in some fruit to hit your 5 a day! To really up your game try making sure that you eat at least two portions of oily fish a week. Fish like salmon and fresh tuna contain lots of Omega 3 which plays a vital role in heart health.
  3. Get Moving
    When it comes to activity levels and the health of your heart, you can be reassured that your past levels of exercise don’t matter at all. What matters is what you do NOW. Just one fifteen minute burst of activity a day can work wonders for your health. To make it count you need to raise your heart rate enough to make you feel slightly out of breath and cause you to sweat.
    If you follow these three tips you are well on your way to keeping a healthy heart and avoiding the risk of disease in the future.
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