Simple and natural ways to detox your body

Detoxification is a very relevant to our contemporary lifestyle which puts lots of stress on our body and also the environment in which we live. Detoxification is a corrective process or we can more properly call it a rebooting process for our body. Detoxification becomes necessary after a long term use of certain drugs, alcoholic addiction, daily habits of improper and junk food, and also to eliminate all the negative effects produced due to environmental pollution, pesticides in food, smoke and heavy metals entering our body through various means.

Detoxification cleanses of some of our major internal organs like kidney, lungs, intestine, lymph and blood vessels and also our skin. Now the question becomes relevant that why we need to detoxify our body. Well a simple way to say answer is that detoxification is one of the best way keep our body in pristine condition in an ever increasing toxic and polluted environment. The major benefits of detoxification include cleaning of liver, kidney and blood vascular system – which doesn’t occur in our day to day life. And other benefits include enhancement of our immunity and hormonal stability to our body.

There could be various ways to detoxify our body, both short term and long term. But some of the prominent changes which could be brought are as follows:

  • Dietary changes such as avoiding carbohydrates, sugar, fast food and eating more fibres, vegetables like beets, carrots, broccoli and spirulina etc.
  • Natural immune boosters and antioxidants: gooseberry juice early in the morning, more use of garlic in food and raw also. Pomegranate juice, lemon water and fruits rich in vitamin C, it also helps to detoxify liver cells.
  • Fasting or intermittent fasting: when we fast we give our digestive system ample time to relax and get ready for the next diet. A 24 hrs juice and water fasting in a week.
  • Drinking more water and keeping body hydrated.
  • Sweat in a sauna to eliminate toxins through perspiration and hot water bath help to draw toxins out of body to surface of skin.
  • Yoga and meditation: regular practice of yoga keeps our body balance right.
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